My Acceptance Speech as CEO of Africa Chess

Bruce Mubayiwa, the Chairman of Africa Chess Companies, recently announced my appointment as CEO of Africa Chess.  Below is the full text of my acceptance letter.

Africa Chess CEO, Ogunsiku “Othims” Babatunde

With Joy in my heart and appreciation on my lips, I would like to sincerely appreciate God for this opportunity He has given to me, as He called me about twelve (12) years ago, into the Chess Industry and showed me my path to success, giving me the grace to push it through with all the challenges that came from it, and bringing me to this point of meeting my co-founder, brother from another mother and friend, Bruce Mubayiwa of Zimbabwe, based in South Africa.

I would like to thank Bruce for the friendship and the support he has given me throughout this period, the opportunity to lead the Africa Chess Media team and for all other opportunities afforded me to get to this point, as well as this opportunity to lead the Africa Chess Company team to the next level of greatness.

I would like to specially appreciate the team of Africa Chess Voices in Makhisho Makhosi, Victor Chimbamu, Olawale Oyeleye, Desiderata Nkhoma, Francis Kinyanjui, Randy Douglas (The Chesszealot) and Cosmos Chipepo (an African in all ramifications), amongst others, for their sincere passion and drive to give a voice to Africans all over the continent and turn Africa Chess Media into what it has become today. These guys and lady have simply been brilliant.

I would also like to appreciate the efforts of Portie, Zlater (The Tournament Director) and their conveyor, our able Business Development Executive, Ajibade Olayemi (Olarov), for their tireless efforts to ensure the Africa Chess Online tournaments continue to soar. I would like to sincerely appreciate every African Online player and all our readers (globally), without whom we would not be where we are today.

It was a huge honour for me to be appointed the CEO of Africa Chess Media, and even more so, to now be appointed the CEO of Africa Chess Pty Limited. I would like every African to know that our vision is to build Africa Chess to that point where top organizations are seeking to partner with us, because they see the way we develop the beloved game as an industry and show the world what Africa is made of.

Chess to me is an Industry, untapped in various ways, and has tremendous opportunities to tap into. Africa Chess will work towards getting the best out of these resources found in the life changing tool called chess, in other to ensure the continuous growth of our African Nations and our continent by extension. Changing the lives of both children and those who have lost their way, as well as helping to build nations through the use of the royal game.

It is obvious that this cannot be a one man task, and I would sincerely need the support and cooperation of every African out there, from the players to the administrators, to the coaches, to the federation officials, to the corporate organisations, to the common man on the streets, in other to ensure this vision of Africa Chess, becomes a reality that we all can lay claim to, by being a part of its evolution. As It takes teamwork to make a dream work.

Only together can we achieve this vision, and change the lives of the unborn children, through changing the lives of those alive today.

Join me in taking African Chess forward.

Join me in building a bigger and brighter future for generations unborn.

Join me to revolutionize the African Chess Industry.

Join Us!

Gens Una Sumus!!

Ogunsiku Babatunde (Othims)
Africa Chess Pty Ltd
Africa Chess Media Pty Ltd



  1. Congratulations Othims on your appointment. It’s always a great honour to work with you. Surely we shall take africa chess to the top with brilliance and success under your leadership.

  2. Wishing you properity and unending wisdom as you take on growth of chess in Africa.

    Feel free to contact the Namibian Chess Federation for projects that we can assist with.

  3. Congratulations my dear brother. Keep soaring. More of God’s pleasant surprises for u in Jesus name.

  4. I hope my congratulations isn’t late. Meeting you in person has always been a blessing. I call you Chess Spirit.

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