Announcement: CEO Africa Chess Companies Appoints Director of Content and, Say Welcome To Paras Gudka!

Over the past few months, Africa Chess Media has grown and evolved on the continent and on the global stage. And I am happy to announce the appointment of Cosmos Chipepo (Cosmos Chipepo, an African) as Director of Content for Africa Chess Companies, which is a combination of Africa Chess Media ( and Africa Chess Net (

Through constant interaction with him regarding our vision for Africa Chess Companies and our strife for the development of chess on the continent, I believe he has shown that he is capable of handling the role for which I have appointed him. His write-ups, edits and brilliance have led me to believe that he is the best individual for this position in our company.

Cosmos Chipepo, an African

Mr. Chipepo will vacate his previous position as editor to oversee our content at Africa Chess Companies with my full support. He will retain the right to nominate editors for the company to work with as well as writers, who will help to achieve the great vision of giving Africa Chess a Voice on all fronts.

Another exciting development is that the superb Kenyan writer, Paras Gudka, who will be joining our team at Africa Chess Companies! For those who are unfamiliar or would like to know more about Paras, you can check his website here:, which will cease to exist towards the end of this month.

Paras Gudka

He is a chess player, trainer (DI), arbiter (IA), writer and photographer based in Mumbai, India though he is originally from Nairobi, Kenya where he began his career as a chess professional.

Most of his previous articles will be migrated to, so feel free to come and enjoy them here.

I trust these gentlemen will add a lot of value to the company and help us towards achieving the overall vision of our company.

And finally, we use this medium to officially launch our Africa Chess Logo, which is a symbol of what we stand for! The logo was designed by cartoonis, Francis Kinyaunji Mulira and developed by Cosmos Chipepo.

ACM brand.jpg
Africa Chess Media brand identity | Francis Kinyaunji Mulira/Cosmos Chipepo, an African




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