Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – Lead my people to their Great ambitions

It’s just a matter of weeks now, teams will be off to the 2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad. It reminds me of 2016, when God gave me the grace to captain my country’s Open Section team to Baku Azerbaiijan.

This one thing I did before or during the trip shall always linger on my mind, and I’m pretty sure was God guided. I decided to have a one on one tete a tete with each of the players. Basically, I was asking them 4 questions:

1. What is your plan or ambition for this olympiad?

2. Give me your dream board order.

3. What do you think will deter you from fulfilling your dreams.

4. How do you expect me to help out.

All this was an effort to get to know the players on a more personal level, so that I can give them roles that are motivating to them. However, where things are fuzzy, I was gonna use my captaincy powers.

I took this lightly, but little did I know it was God’s guidance. After these closed door one on one meetings, I felt more connected to the players than ever before. I could even know their inner feelings.

I learnt that leaders ought to know their people on a personal level. Don’t just impose roles on your players. Players can be people that work for you. Those that make your business happen.

Listen to your players. Know their dreams and ambitions, and you help them fulfil them as they help you fulfil yours.

Leaders are on a mission. In the Bible Moses’s mission was to lead the children of Israel to the Promised land. So, you too, lead your people to their great ambitions.

John Maxwel said, a leader should be measured by his or her ability to develop others but I say, a leader should be measured by his or her ability to take you to your promised land.

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