Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Expect the unexpected to happen

I had decent preparations before the tournament and during the game, things were working according to plan, until deep in the middle game, my opponent spurted out a novelty.

Things drastically changed because of the novelty. I now had the daunting task of supressing his Kingside Pawn storm, at the same same time checking the position stings of his Bishops and the brutal gallops of his Knights. As he continued to give me fresh challenges, the board looked very chaotic but I still needed to solve all these and provide game saving solutions.

It is at this time that I understood that: just like in chess, in life always anticipate the unexpected to happen. Be brave enough to solve unxpected circumstances as they come.

Just like a chess game, life is not always a smooth script. There are times you need to solve different situations altogether, contrary to what you anticipated.

The Bible says, an evil day will always come, but let it find you ready. (Paraphrased)

Rule #1 in every thing, anticipate the unexpected to happen.
It is important that you prepare your nerves for the most unreasonable circumstances.

Don’t be like the foolish builder who built his house in the sand. Build your foundations on a solid rock, so that when calamity strikes, you are ready.

If you are a professional, dont be satisfied with your Degree, add up some more professional papers so that when there is retrenchment, you are safe.

If you are a business person, insure your business or have other back up businesses so that when calamity strikes, you are safe.

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