Khisho Sunday Inspiration – God Will Make a Way

If you can talk of great East African chess players without talking of FM Harold Wanyama of Uganda then you are lying. Though he first represented Uganda at the Olympiad in 2010, he could have done that earlier in 2006 and 2008 but he says funding for his ticket was a problem but God made a way in 2010.

What ever problem you are passing through, I want to tell you God will make a way. As the Praise Worshiper Don Moyen puts it: ” God will make a way….he works in ways we cannot see🎼”

Some of you have reached a dead end, thinking you will never find a job. I come to tell you God will make a way. That surprise phone call is coming.

Some of you have lost hope, you have broken up with somebody that you love very much, and think you will never find such a man or woman again. I tell you, God will make a way, your surprise is coming.

Some of you have reached a dead end in business and have lost hope, I tell you, God will surprise you.

Some of you are passing through hard times, don’t know how life’s gonna be like. I tell you God will make a way.

God is great. He picks a man from the dust to make him sit before Kings and Princes. Who can understand the ways of God? He takes care of the widows and orphans.

To those that have lost hope, dont break yourself up, God will do something new. Something you never expected.

It is in the very nature of of God to prove that he is a Super Grandmaster. Where your moves end, that’s where his moves start. Don’t give up. So now it’s a question of don’t give up the fight. As a certain old song puts it: “Get up stand up, don’t give up the fight!!🎼”

God will make a way in your academics, too. That scholarship you were looking for is coming. Don’t stop applying.

It doesn’t make sense, but don’t give up.

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