Poetic Monday: The Bullet Game

The Bullet Game| Image Courtesy: Lichess.org

A bullet game

It was

Swift and efficient

The moves

A good opening

The need

A strategic midgame

The plan

Tactics show forth

And grabbed

A speedy endgame

No foul

A slow one

You lose

T’s the journey

Of online bullet

– Ogunsiku Babatunde

The Bullet Game

Living up to its name

Known for the speed

Even though some say

The famed “speed kills”

On the 64 squared street

That word is anagrammed

And becomes “speed skill”

Cherry-on-top skill

Adds critical thinking to it

Skill that comes with cost

A rush of adrenaline pump

In place of blood rush

0 seconds each

But you lost on time

With this realization just

You build the understanding

That time is precious

Even to the tiniest millisec

Behold! Time slowed

With the dynamism of premoves

Where speed of mind

And body is profound

The queen or rook?

Who do I sacrifice?

I can’t decide

I fling the two!

Aided by premove

Check! Check!! Check!!!

I spoke in my mind

Enough time to escape

The flag that hurts!


The Bullet Game

Not a game

For slow minds

But a battle ground

For the strong kinds

Not for the best moves

Which the finger finds

But tricks always behind

Which swiftly becomes

The game’s immortal rind

Quite alarming the speed

At which the brain reads

While fighting the mental bind

Of ‘one more game’ in mind

Oops! An hour is gone

The joy of brilliant moves

Countered by the clock diminishing

Left with materials

That don’t really matter

The middlegame spiced up

Intermezzos become admirable

Premoves become invaluable

Trusting your intuition

Oh! It becomes commendable

Banking time early

This become reasonable

Flagging checks become laudable

The race against the flag begins

As the end draw near

May the best flagger win!

– Ifada Emmanuel

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