Norm hunters’ spears are still bloodless – Moja Chess Extravaganza 2022 Day 5

It is slowly becoming apparent that the norm chasers in the event are not having an easy time hunting down the grandmasters for their norms. Like hunter gatherers coming home with bloodless spears from an elusive chase and no kills in sight, they seem to be slowly resorting to cannibalism due to an anorexia of points and a chess rating malnutrition.

Of course while this was never an easy task or ask of them, the benefit and exposure to high level opposition can only enhance and elevate their chess.

What I liked is that all the GMs seem genuinely sincere and it is not unusual to see them sitting at the board way after the game has ended discussing and analyzing with their opponents. This is by no means the end as there are still 4 more rounds to be played and we have not yet lost hope that an inspired performance is coming by “The One”. I am the oracle and raconteur of this account and this is Day 5, Round 5…

Playing Venue

Something would seriously be amiss if I did not give the organizers credit for organizing such world-class facilities within the diamond city of Kimberley. The Garden Court is where the games are happening and it is perfect.

GM/IM norm section

GM Abdelrahman Hesham vs Christiaan Acho

Hesham never looked to be in any serious trouble in this encounter with the spirited Acho.

Acho contemplating his options on the board | Image by Cosmos Chipepo for ACM

GM Amir Zaibi vs GM Sahaj Grover

Africa’s latest GM stood no chance when he fell into some nasty preparation by Sahaj resulting in an inferior position right off the bat from the opening phase..

FM Daniel Barrish vs GM Nigel Short

Many who were following the livestream of this game were celebrating the biggest upset of the tournament but it was not the case. There was an error where the result reflected incorrectly. This is the correct game and result below:

Banele Mhango vs Kela Siame Kaulele

While sitting on most of the advantage in this game, Banele missed his chances and Kela took his to pull this game to drawn waters.

CM Keith Khumalo vs Alessandro Parodi

Alessandro put up a gallant effort but Keith was just too much.

Results of the Round 5 games

Standings after this round means GM Short and GM Grover lead the pack with 4.5 points each followed by GM Hesham and GM Zaibi on 3 points. Barrish and Banele are on 2.5 point each, Acho on 2 points, Keith on 1.5 points, Kela on 1 and Alessandro is on half a point.

The Moja Chess Extravaganza is a chess event organized by the Moja Chess Club, under the auspices of Frances Baard Chess, Northern Cape Chess and the Northern Cape Tourism board. Chess players both local and international have been invited to participate in Over-The-Board chess activities to be held at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre which is situated in Kimberley, Northern Cape on 18 – 22 March 2022. A GM/IM norm event is also scheduled to run concurrently between 18 – 27 March 2022.

Prizes for the event are:

GM/IM Norm event – PRIZE FUND: R87,000-00
Prestige Section – PRIZE FUND: R28,500-00
Ladies Section – PRIZE FUND: R18,250-00
B Section – U1600 – PRIZE FUND: R8,550-00
C – Section – U1100 – PRIZE FUND: R3,950-00
D – Section – U900 (Born 2011 or later )- PRIZE FUND: R1,750-00


  1. What is going on with the DGT boards? In round 2 we saw GM Zaibi supposedly blunder his Queen, when he actually played 17… Qxd3. Then in round 4, two games were garbled, with multiple Rooks blundered. Please could you publish the correct score of Short’s win vs Zaibi – the DGT feed stops after White gave away a Rook in the opening. I guess 10.Rxe5 was played and would like to know how the game went after that. Also the score of Kaulule vs Barrish was faulty – both players blundered their Rooks on the feed, but it still ended in a draw.

    • I did note a couple of those incidents and was told that it was due to faulty boards that would be returned to their supplier. I’ll pass on this message to the officials.

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