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Elections – A mature understanding

by khisho
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Yesterday as I was booking a bus heading to Lilongwe to attend the Chessam AGM, I got angry when somebody overtook me on the booking line. Anyway, I slumbered. I took long fishing out my money.
“I was the first to arrive in the booking room, but how could he overtake me?” I almost uttered this. Worst still, being the last passenger to book, I was given a very uncomfortable provisional seat.
But little did I know it was God’s plan. As I sat down on the uncomfortable provisional seat, I realised that I was sitting next to a very famous Malawian Pastor (at least to me).
All the way to Lilongwe, we discussed lots of things, and exchanged contacts. I learnt a lot from the Man of God. Most of my unanswered spiritual questions were answered.
What I’ve learnt is that, in life bad things can happen to you, when in true sense God has allowed them to happen to prepare you for something great.
Had the boy not overtaken me on the queue, I wouldn’t have sat on the uncomfortable seat, and consequently wouldn’t have sat next to the Pastor.
I know some of you have worked hard positioning yourselves for the Chessam elections. Sacrificing your time and resources. But do not despair, whatever happens, accept the outcome. God has done it for a purpose. If you win, work hard as if working for God. If you lose, thank him still, you never know what He has prepared for you. Accept the outcome with grace.
Had God wanted you to win, he would have given you sufficient methods to enable you win. He is sovereign.
Have you undergone injustice? Do you think things haven’t worked your way? Have you lost anything precious in your life? Or you think something bad has happened in your life….I’ve got good news for you, God is preparing something good for you. Things don’t just happen.

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