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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Go Step by Step

by khisho
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Taking back the arms of time to the 2015 Zone 4.3 Chess Championship in Blantyre , Malawi, after defeating Alfred Chimthere in round 1, I asked Zambian Champion Andrew Kayonde: “Before the game started, how confident were you that you were gonna win the game?”. Kayonde, whilst buttoning his expensive striped suit, responded :”Not really. All I knew was that I was going to make the best decisions in every situation and in every move”. The response impressed me, so I giggled as I walked away.

True. It takes a culmination of small achievements to achieve a great thing. Your long term goal must be broken down into short term objectives. When you do the small things well, you inevitably get the big picture victory.

Never get too lost in the big picture. Break it down into small short term objectives, and do the small things right as you keep your focus on the ultimate goal.

People fail to achieve the big picture because of failing to come up with short term objectives. They just keep following their main goal like say: “I should win tournaments”. Why can’t you start with things like “For a start. I should be in top 10” or “I should gain 10 elos”.

Like this you enjoy the pursuit of your goals. You know when exactly to take a risk and when not. You are not under too much pressure. Remember life is meant to be enjoyed. Avoid stress.

Each time you set your targets higher and higher until you reach the zenith.

Somebody said, no matter how huge a task is, but if you demarcate it into small definable jobs, it becomes easier.

Be the man who finishes position 7 in a tournament and you are happy because you have met your objective.

Be a man who scores 60 percent in an exam and you are happy because you have met your objective as you gradually aim for the highest glory.

**To God be the glory*

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