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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Resolutions

by khisho
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It was great to enter the new year from Harare, Zimbabwe last week where I met the likes of Clement Mayimbo, Kudakwashe Zimbowa et.c who are ardent followers of the inspirations given to us by the grace of God . It was also great to meet the great writer, Victor Chimbamu . We were only meeting for the first time, yet he gave me good business ideas some of which qualify for my new year resolutions.

Just like the opening of a chess game, the beginning of the year is very important. Plan your year well so that you have a great year. And, more importantly, include God in your plans. The Bible says, “how can 2 walk together unless they agree”. Any walk without God is in vain. The bible also says, unless the Lord builds a house, the builders build in vain.

So commit to God your plans. Pray to God for a great year. Win all the battles in the spirit, so that you have a great year.

If your are a student, plan the academic year with God. Plan the grade you want at the end of the day. Stop depending on luck. Work out your perfomance. Know the amount of effort you need to apply to be able to make it.

Same applies if you are a business man or any other professional. Plan the levels of finance you want to be swimming in during this year. Plan about the trainings you need to undertake to reach a high level of output. Plan about the books you need to read to improve yourself.

Pray to God to give you the right connections in life. Connections that will take you to great heights. May you only meet the right people in 2019 in Jesus Mighty name.

Have a great year.

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