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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Use their names!

by khisho
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I was standing at a distance, and I saw the players rushing to greet the Malawi Chess Federation President Kezzie Msukwa. I couldn’t believe it , as he greeted them, he mentioned their names, one by one.

He didn’t get a 100%, but he did a good job. I thought at his level, he wouldn’t know a lot of chess players by name.

Actually this is one of Kezzie Msukwa’s strengths. He uses people’s names. If you have to know something about somebody, it must be their name. Everybody loves to hear the sound of their name.

Calling people by name, shows great friendship and care. It may look simple but it’s good medicine.

Avoid using a lot of pronouns when addressing people. If you are a boss, know even the name of the gate-man, don’t only concentrate on those in high positions. It helps in bonding and motivation. They may look ordinary, but they may be great prayer warriors, who would pray for you.

If you are a teacher know each of your students by name. Nothing will show that you care about a person more than mentioning their names.

When you call people by their names, you charge them up. There is magic in names. Suddenly they feel important and loved, and are motivated to work hard.

To those that knew the great Napoleon , he knew almost all his soldiers by name.No wonder the great results on the battle fields.

Somebody said “Remember, calling somebody by their name is the sweetest song to any person in any language”

When Jesus was raising Lazarus from the dead he called him by name. He shouted ” Lazarus, come forth”.

May you help people resurrect their dead egos and motivations by calling them by their names in Jesus name .

God called Samuel by name. God called Saul by name. God called Moses by name…the list is endless.

Somebody recounted of a certain story when a President of an African country’s convoy was passing in between a crowd of people, suddenly, among the crowd, the president spotted an old face he had not seen for decades.

The president ordered the convoy to stop, called the man by name and greeted him. The man was motivated beyond motivation…

“So even the president knows me”, he said.

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