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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – Avoid regret!

by khisho
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It normally happens in chess tournaments. After a game somebody goes to the losing player and tells him, “You should have won that game. You only needed to do this and that, you were getting a free piece!”.
In the same spirit, this other day I went after a certain chess player at the Mdina Malawi Open. I told him how close he was to winning the game and that he shouldn’t have lost. Most players usually shout “Aaah!” and the story ends there. But this player shouted “Aaah” and started dropping tears. They were tears of regret. He missed a great opportunity.
Same with life. Let’s avoid regret. What is it that God has impressed upon your heart? Time is now. Start working on it. Regret is the most painful thing in life. In future you will be more worried about the things that cross your mind today and you didnt act on them. Pursue every dream that crosses your mind. Don’t be lazy. Start a business, go back to school, enrol for a course because opportunities come and go.
Follow your plan. It is better to have a sketchy plan than to have no plan at all. Do not regret in future that which you had a plan for but you did not follow it. What is it that is preventing your from pursuing your goals? Remove it at once. The Bible says if my eye is preventing me from making it to heaven, better remove it. It is better to enter the Kingdom of heaven with one eye, than not enter at all.
Better lose a game without any regrets at all, knowing you did all you could than regret your foolishness in the end. Lets work towards our goals. Plan well. Avoid regret.

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