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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – Lateral Thinking

by khisho
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Watching some games of the 2018  Batumi World Chess Olympiad, I noticed some blunders. Some costly, some forgiving. But some happened because the players coulndn’t think laterally. They put so much belief in their attack at hand at the expense of other helpful routes.
So too, in life, are a lot of people are so glued to the advantage at hand instead of looking at other helpful means. They are glued to one sort of business or only to employment when they should have tried something else too.
As your business earns profits or as your career gives you more financial rewards, try to think laterally and break into new circles. Invest in other profitable things because one directional thinking can be a flop when the thing you were believing in fails. Have another trade or skill that can put food on the table.
A good study about the Jews which as one of the more successful races, show they believe in lateral thinking. You can find one person a teacher at the same time a farmer and at the same time a musician.
They make use of every talent God has given them. Remember, to some God gave more than one talent. What other talent do you have? Look for it and develop it as well.

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