Tournament promotion

Many chess tournaments on the continent need marketing and branding to raise visibility. Too many chess tournaments are going unreported and this does little to raise the profile of our game.

Furthermore, not promoting your events deny prospective sponsors the opportunity to see what you have done, as well as what you are capable of doing.

For these reasons, we decided to provide Tournament Promotion services for your chess event. Below are a few ideas of what we would do for you:

Tournament Publicity Before Event
We will assist with drumming up visibility on digital media through articles, and interviews regarding your event. The more time we have before your event, the better our planning, preparation, and execution will be, regarding the event.

Tournament Analysis During Event
We will provide round-by-round updates of developments during your tournament, as articles and videos. This is dependent on agreed terms.

After-Tournament Review of Event
After the event we can provide a comprehensive overview of the tournament as a closing article.