Who told you that the Zambians will just stand and watch, while invaders take their birthrights? Yesterday was another interesting day at the Zambia Open. But despite major upsets, the situation at the top still remains obscure.

A Rivalry Born!

In the game of the day, in round 5, Zambia’s hottest player of the moment, Ndola based Prince Daniel Mulenga surprised his nemesis IM Andrew Kayonde with a “Shirov like” Bishop sacrifice in the Tromposky Opening that led Kayonde’s position to partially fall apart. The Bishop sac was followed by another sinister Rook sacrifice that caused Kayonde’s position to severely bleed in such a way as to only leave room for the ER, which could not do much to help the situation. No wonder the doctors postmortem was that “He (Kayonde) died of massive positional bleeding, and the symptoms were bare King and absence of footsoldiers”

In the other trumpet games, GM Petr Kiriakov was held to a draw by IM Richmond Phiri who has also been so impressive at the event, while IM Chumfwa ensured that his blood did not spill as he forced a draw with GM Grover Sahaj.

The top six (6) board of the 6th round ended in draws, including draws between Prince Daniel Mulenga and IM Chumfwa, IM Richmond Phiri and GM Sahaj Grover, and finally, IM Chitumbo Mwali and GM Petr Kiriakov.

IMs ensuring the GMs don’t spill blood!

Currently IM Richmond Phiri, GM Sahaj Grover, Prince Mulenga and Stanle Chumfwa are tied at the top with five (5) points apiece.

In the top boards today, it will be fire on board 1 as Mulenga (5pts) takes on Sahaj Grover (5points), IM Richmond Phiri (5pts) vs IM Stanley Chumfwa (5pts) on board 2, GM Hesham (4.5) vs IM Chitumbo (4.5) on board 3.

With the tournament having three (3) more rounds to go, today’s games will clearly show a pathway to the crown, while others would be left ruing their errors.

Lorita Mwango still leads the ladies section with a perfect six (6) points from six (6) games, and a full point and a half ahead of the next player. She is followed by Likadu Namakau with four and a half (4.5) points.

Katana Vukani leads the open section with half a point ahead of the chasing pack of ten (10) players. While Joe Phiri leads four (4) other players having three (3) points after three (3) games on tie break in the Under 16 Section.

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