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DOA and Sports Evolution!

by Ogunsiku Babatunde

For the very first time in Nigeria, an organizer will be hosting a series of tournaments, in four (4) different locations in the country, all at the same time. These events will hold at venues in Lagos, Abuja, Calabar, and Sapele.

The organizers, DOA Sport Management Limited are a new organisation, poised to ensure the development of sports, as well as enriching athletes. While these athletes invest their time and all else, to develop themselves in the sports chosen, DOA Sports Management Limited are working to ensure that these players are well rewarded for their successes.

Africa is the most blessed continent in the world, as we are rich in virtually every mineral resources, as well as the human resources to work the minerals. However, over the years, we have successfully sold our birthrights for mere peanuts, while most of the African people live in penury and seek greener pastures in other nations.

Although, Africa has not been rewarding Africans well enough, DOA Sports Management Limited have come to balance the books, through hosting of quality sporting events, and paying cash prizes that will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

The maiden DOA Sports Management Limited Chess tournament targets young players within the age range of sixteen (16) years old and thirty (30) years old. This age range considers those young players that have the hunger and desire to excel in the game of chess. In addition, the organisation looks to invest in the young, vibrant and brilliant minds, for the development of the game of chess.

Ekunke Goodness in action at the Dahnypro U20 Chess Series!

However, one of the youngest, bright and fast developing youngster in the country, Ekunke Goodness, should have been given the nod to participate in this event. This opportunity would have given the boy an opportunity to battle against players higher rated than himself. An opportunity Dahnypro Juniors event (rapid) afforded him.

The event plans to use the Chess World Cup format during the events. Sixteen (16) Players broken into two groups of eight (8). These eight (8) players will battle via a two (2) round faceoff in rapid play (25 minutes plus 10 seconds added from move 1). If a tie ensues, the play moves on to blitz (two games of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds added from move 1). Finally, if there is no winner after the blitz, then the Armageddon (one game, where white has 5 minutes and must win, while black has 4 minutes and only needs a draw) comes into play to break the tie.

The first day pits the sixteen (16) registered players from each zone against each other. On day two (2), the qualified eight (8) players will do battle. On the final day for the qualifiers, the four (4) winners from day two (2) days would fight for the opportunity availed to the champion of each zone, to travel for the Grand Finale in Abuja.

One (1) player will qualify from each zone (four [4] players from the four [4] zones), and would travel to Abuja for the grand finale, where three (3) of them stand the chance to win over half a million naira in total cash prize.

The vision of the DOA Sports Management Limited is a young company, developed by young Nigerians. Their goal remain: grooming, training and developing young talents to focus on sporting activities, in other to become better and more intelligent individuals.

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