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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – The Power of First Time Impression

by khisho
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As I entered the magnificent Crystal Hall in Baku(2016 Olympiad), I decided to talk to this other guy who was standing at the back of the hall. I thought he was from Zimbabwe, but he told me he was the reserve player for Uganda and that his name is Emmanuel Mwaka. I wanted it to be a brief conversation but the wisdom and intelligence he was spurting out detained me.

We talked about chess, we talked about engineering. we talked about business. Eeh! He is a bank of knowledge and wisdom. I left him with the impression that I had met a visionary great man. The impression was so strong that I had to ask for his contacts.

You see, everywhere, first time impression is very important. The world has become very competitive, make your first impression a bang. Talk wisdom! Talk great! Make people feel they need you. Never mess up your first time impression. Be it at work, chess, business, school etc. If its your first meeting, prepare for it, make your presence felt by contributing positively, beam with confidence.

People have won big contracts because of a good first time impression. All you do is defend your first impression. Dress decently. People have misssed great opportunities in life for messing up with first time impression.

In 2017 it did not surprise me when Emmanuel Mwaka was elected the Ugandan Chess Federation president.

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