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Asim Pereira Sells Off FollowChess and Other Chess Apps!

by Tendai Mubayiwa
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A lot of Africans know the Followchess app from following live chess games. We also know of the Analyze This chess app, which is one of the best tools for chess analysis. Well, the above named apps, along with a few others under the MyChessApps company are now under a new leadership.

The founder of FollowChess has sold off his chess apps to Square Off. According to their website, the mission and vision of Square Off is the following:

Square Off’s Telerobotic Chess Set!

“We gave the world the first ever telerobotic chess board through Square Off chess, and want to continue adding a little magic to the everyday lives of people. Through our creations, we endeavour to build machines that feel more human than mechanical, and give them an enhanced, gen-next experience. A conception of having multi or single player magnetic chess set to have users play chess online via an electronic chess board went on to become a global game changer!”

Asim Pereira – Founder and Futuristic Entrepreneur!

In a LinkedIn post on Monday, Asim posted the following:

And..🥁🥁.. I am happy to announce that Square Off has completed the acquisition of MyChessApps (FollowChess, Analyze This, iChess etc) business!
Over the past few months I helped with the transition and now I will be completely moving out to pursue other things.

♟️Its been 8 years (felt like 5!) since I started this journey as a Chess Entrepreneur, building products and team from scratch!
Back then, when I took this big step after Motorola, I had my own doubts. But, now when I look back, it has been an incredibly satisfying journey!😍

Hiring from scratch, hunting for office spaces, learning some cool Tech & languages, coding, building partnerships and occasionally making tea and cleaning the office bathrooms!😅

🤝I have been fortunate to meet and partner with some great Orgs like (AICF, AICCF, AICFB, chess_com, chessdom, ICCF, FIDE, ForwardChess, NIC..) and great tournament organizers, coaches & individuals! And thanks to those nice customer emails and reviews, never felt those Monday blues!

And with my most recent time with Square Off as one of the founding member, we literally created magic✨ on the chess board! BTW, check out those magical chess boards at squareoffnow.com!

🙏 I thank each and every one of you, for your love and support over these years.

Square Off Taking Over!!

According to Asim’s LinkedIn profile: we managed to establish the following.

MyChessApps acquired by Square Off!
As a Founder, I couldn’t be more proud that:
1. We could scale to 3.5+ million app downloads, organically!
2. Be profitable from day 1!
3. The apps will continue even with the Founder not being around.

We (MyChessApps) developed some amazing Chess products:
– FollowChess
– Analyze This
– iChess
– ChessMoves
– ChessKast
– ChessBookStudy
– Chess GIF
– Official apps of the Chess World Championship

Asim appears to be a founding member of Square Off based on his LinkedIn profile. There is a Square Off Logo on Asim’s LinkedIn profile next to the company Infivention Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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