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FA Mahlauli Manyeli of Lesotho Chess Ties The knot

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“When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing”, “two are better than one”. These are the understanding that comes to my mind when a man and a woman are joined together in a Holy Matrimony, called Wedding.

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It was a day to remember for the first Female Fide Arbiter in Lesotho, FA Mahlauli Manyeli, as she tied the knot with the current Lesotho Chess Federation President, Tlhoriso Ts’epang Morienyane. The two chess players met and exchanged their vows and we believe God for them that the vows will be till death do them apart. The wedding of the two love birds took place on Saturday, 29th of April, 2018.

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This shows that even on the checkered board, love can be ignited and some can easily get their lifetime partners through the smart game of chess. The husband and LCF President, is a qualified Hydrologist, while the wife is a qualified Sociologist. These are two (2) individuals with professional careers and finding the right man or woman (as the case may be), can also happen to any other chess player, wherever you may be. The lady qualified as a Fide Arbiter in Zimbabwe last year, at the Rainbow Towers Hotel Arbiters seminar, which had lecturers such as: IA Gunther of South Africa and IA Khaled of Egypt.

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She is the only qualified female Arbiter in Lesotho and getting married (to the right person) was a milestone achievement for her. She went on to wed the President of Lesotho Chess Federation, which shows her love for the game of chess and how it transcended to the person in charge of Lesotho chess. The bride could not hide her joy when asked by the writer, how she felt, being the one to take Mr President off the single market, she asserted that, “it feels good, because we share the same sentiments and ideology to life. He completes me in so many ways”.

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The union of these two chess players was not the only one that has been seen in Africa, as we also have IM Daniel Jere and Epah Thembo in Zambia, who are also chess players that are now married, FM Adebayo Adegboyega and Doris (now Mrs Adebayo) in Nigeria. Chess can actually bring about a lot of experiences and relationships, which are a lifetime achievement, and a lot of joy can be brought about by the game, putting into consideration how some bridges of friendships are built.

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Godwin Lucas June 2, 2018 - 5:51 am

Conglatulation to Mr President


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