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Game 2 ends in a draw at the World Chess Championship

by Tendai Mubayiwa
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Game 2 with Magnus Carlsen playing white

Game 2 of the world chess championship in London ended in a draw. Magnus Carlsen was playing white but could not get much out of the opening.

Magnus Carlsen ponders the way forward in Game 2

Fabiano Caruana equalised easily on the black side of Queen’s Gambit Declined: Harrwitz Attack. Caruana even gained a pawn in the game but it was not enough to win the game. A theme already emerging in the match is that black is doing fine in the games. What is causing this? Is it that the preparation with the black pieces has been better than white or the preparation with white has not been up to scratch.

There is no doubt the players seconds will have to do something as it is expected that white should be the first to gain initiative in the game, with the advantage of the first move. It is very concerning if the players are coming out of the opening on the back foot in the games. This is something that has to be corrected as soon as possible.

Looking at Game 1 and Game 2, black was doing fine in these games. Black had winning chances in the first game while in the second one Caruana went up on material and the Carlsen was the one to steer the game to a draw. In his next game as White, will Magnus go with e4 or stay away from it. That will be very interesting to see.

Magnus Carlsen (White) Vs Fabiano Caruana (Black)
World Chess Championship 2018,

Game 2



Here is a short video of the game as well.

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