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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Change

by khisho
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There was a moment, not too long ago, where Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik changed his style of chess. The usually quiet and positional Kramnik suddenly turned tactical and was sacrificing his pieces at will. We call that change. One needs to be ready to change to defeat any obstacle at hand.

Never get too used to tradition. Adapt your way of doing things for better results. In future those doing great will be those that are ready to change. Some need minor changes and some need drastic changes.

The World is changing at an alarming rate. New methods and processes are coming up. What was winning 10 years ago is considered average these days. We are in the information age. If you have knowledge advantage over your competitors that’s it, your chances of winning are dramatically increased.

That’s why we need to keep learning because the world is changing at a dynamic rate and learning is an important ingredient of change. Learn every software necessary for your trade. Be humble enough to learn about new technology from the younger generation.

See how the environment is positioned and change your game. We cannot be stuck in the methods of 10 years ago. What used to be done manually 10 years ago is done at the click of a button.

When you see elderly people going back to school know they are responding to the demands of the environment. They understand winners will be those that change their game.

What is it in your life you need to change for you to see glory? Lets search ourselves. There is something we need to change to get better.

As Jim Rohn puts it: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”.

We can’t keep on doing the same things same way and expect different results.

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