In one tournament, for whatever reason, one of my chess pupils was so anxious about what will happen on the other boards. He couldn’t concentrate on his last round game. He kept leaving the action on his board to watch the action on the other boards. But suddenly Boom! He got checkmated foolishly and lost everything.

In life today there are people who keep on concentrating on what their friends are doing, other than concentrating on their life. They are always comparing themselves to others. They think what their friends are doing is cooler. They are always depressed because of this.

Live your own life. Create your own benchmark because people differ in talents. Do not keep comparing yourself with others, our destinies are different. A star can’t be a moon. Furthermore, we differ in backgrounds.

I’ve seen brilliant people who had Phd’s at less than 28, but they died before 35. I have seen pretty ladies who were hot in college, but they were never married at 30.
I have seen people get rich at 20, some 30, some 60. I’ve seen somebody who struggled the whole of their school life, but never struggled in his professional life. We differ in our destinies. I’ve seen people crying in a Mercedes, and have seen people laughing while walking on foot. I’ve seen a lot of depressed rich people.

The trick is to pay attention to your own game. Keep on improving yourself. Don’t take too seriously what people post on social media, you will be cheated. They only post their good days, they never post their broke days. If you know what you were put on this planet for, other people’s achievements wouldn’t trouble you. So know your calling.

Forget about the past and forge forward. If you see somebody doing fine just say “God continue blessing them” and keep on working on your own destiny. If it requires you to go to school, don’t hesitate to go!

God is dynamic. Sometimes he can train you for 20 years to prepare you for a calling that will only last 5 years and he takes you. Who can understand the ways of God?

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