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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Direction is more important than speed

by khisho
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In one of his games at the Zimbabwe Open, I saw the eventual Champion, Zambian IM Bwalya take a long time before playing his move.

I wondered, “Why take so long ? He will lose out on time.”

Then I remembered that direction is more important than speed. The position was just too tricky for rushed moves.

In whatever you do, direction is more important than rushing.

You could be rushing in the wrong direction. As somebody put it: “A lot of people are going nowhere fast”.

Take your time to study the path you are about to choose. Assess all the risks and implications of choosing that route. Assess if it’s indeed the best possible route. Never rush, especially when you have all the time to reason.

If you are on the right track, your confidence builds up and eventually you will gather speed. A lot of people do not delay because of lack of speed but because of a lack of direction. As Mahatma Ghandi put it: “Speed is irrelevant if you are going the wrong direction.”

When you are at a crossroads, take a walk to a quiet place and meditate. If possible take a pen and paper to use for solving your problem. Spell out all the necessary details, commit it to God. He will guide you in the right direction.

If you are an organisation, hold strategic meetings to find the right direction.
If you rush without assessing your route, you will keep hitting brick walls and delay even more.

On direction vs speed somebody said “progress is not a matter of speed but direction.”

Somebody also said “Speed will not take you to success, but direction will”.

May you and I be people that always seek direction before rushing.

Happy Sunday!

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