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Know your Sheep

Khisho Sunday Inspiration –
Know your Sheep

by khisho
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I Remember one time, during a kids chess tournament, one of my chess pupils ran to me, tapped me on the shoulder, looked at me and with grief written all over his eyes said “Coach I have lost my game, but I was leading by 2 pieces!”.

I wanted to just briefly say, “Sorry, you will do better next time”. But I realised, he needed more than this brief answer. He needed my acceptance as a coach though he lost this silly game. He needed more than just words of comfort.

We may take it lightly, but there are some that depend on us so much so that our words do matter.
Give them your time and attention. Always have instore good words that are building.
A simple word of encouragement can save a great future for somebody that is confused with a situation.

Parents, coaches, pastors, bosses, friends teachers and leaders have the same role to play. God has entrusted us with the future of other people. Like Moses, we have to lead the people to the promised land.

Remember, one word of encouragement can save somebody’s destiny.

See yourself as a priest, that will speak life into somebodys life.

Know your flock. Know the people God has entrusted you with. Jesus says: my sheep know my voice. You too must know the people that depend on your voice. Those, when you accept, they feel encouraged. When you overlook their failures, however silly, they feel encouraged.

Peoples destinies have been saved because of one good word of encouragement.

Lets be sensitive in the way we react to people’s situations because some are on the edges of life, and one word of comfort will rescue them.

We are entrusted with peoples lives. Listen to their problems carefully, you never know what your are saving.

Dont be judgemental over peoples situations. Everyones problems are big in their eyes.

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