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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Learn God’s Principles

by khisho
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At the 2018 Zimbabwe Chess open, I noticed a few games that ended rather quickly. I can’t remember the opponents but I was told the victims had all violated opening principles.

This reminded me of God, Himself. He is a God of principles. Actually the world is there because of his set up principles.

Let us not be ignorant of God’s set up principles because ignorance is no defence. Let’s read the Bible to understand them.

For instance, he says, “Work hard”…..do not always expect free things. Nowhere does he encourage laziness. Let’s be careful, because there is a thin line between faith and foolishness. The real successful ones are the ones that work hard.

He also says “give”. Either church giving or giving to the needy, both of them will help you have a bountiful harvest. He even challenges “Try to bring the tithe to the store house, and see if I will not open the flood gates of heaven”(paraphrased). In some situations all you need is precise knowledge about the principles of God. If you don’t have the knowledge, you lose out, just like the players that violated chess opening principles.

He also says “pray”. Prayer in the name of Jesus is the only medium between us and God. God’s eyes are upon the prayers of men. May we always pray to God. Pray for God’s intervention in your situation. God will not intervene in your situation unless you invite him to do so.

May we read the Bible to learn God’s principles.

For instance, he also says.”If you accept a man as a prophet, you will will receive a prophets reward” etc. These are all some of his principles… If you are ignorant of these principles, you will just live an ordinary life.

Often a times, we falter because we do not know God’s standing principles. We get lost in teachings that are not relevant with God’s principles. Let us know His principles in all facets of life.

May we act according to God’s Principles. God will never instruct us to act contrary to his principles.

Lets not violate God’s Principles.

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