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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Less talk more action

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I know of a few chess players that like talking about their preparations and how they are geared to win a tournament. Actually I like such kind of people. It’s good for chess hype and pre-war intimidation, but I wouldn’t advise you to do that in real life. Besides, it is well known that action proves who somebody is and words prove what somebody wants.

In life when you want to do something don’t announce, just do it. You are not working in a vacuum. You fight against dream killers and all sorts of evil spirits. Not everybody wants you succeed.

The world best suits men of action rather than talkers or at least those that have a better balance of the two. If your talk is backed up by action, better.

If you want to start a business, just start, don’t announce because you may be discouraged by the same people you are telling. You can only ask for advice here and there, but don’t make unnecessary announcements .

If you want to go back to school, just go, because you may be discouraged by the same people you are telling.

If you are going to Hawaii or Maldives for a holiday, just go, after all they will see on Social media that you are in Hawaii.

Make sure you spend a lot of time doing the thing you intend to do, than just talking about it.
Be a man of action.

If you wanna marry, just marry, don’t just announce. Why give out your plans unnecessarily? Maybe just share to a few good friends, who would help you.

A lot of good ideas have died because of unnecessary announcements. Out there, there are dream killers. Beware of them.

A lot of great ideas have been stolen because they were released before time.

Work hard and make your announcements only when things are ripe.

Like somebody wrote:

Don’t talk just act.
Don’t say just show.
Don’t promise, just prove.

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