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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Receive your Miracle

by khisho
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I once overhead one guy saying “in that game FM Harold Wanyama, or so and so unleashed a novelty and eventually won his game”.

Incase you don’t know what it is a novelty is a new move in an opening or particular chess line. A move that has never been played before.

Novelties remind me of God Himself. Once in a while He plays a move that violates his own set of principles. That move is known as a MIRACLE.

Brother or sister, if you thought you problem was unsolvable, there is a God’s novelty waiting for you – a miracle. Ask him to intervene in your situation.

The very same God who played the novelty of separating the waters of the mighty Red Sea, will perform a miracle for you.

Healing miracles, financial miracles are coming your way in the name of Jesus Christ.

Heard of a story of a lady whose house was sorrounded by robbers, when she started praying the robbers saw angels who appeared as muscular men. The robbers fled in terror!

The very God who gave Abraham a son in his old age will do wonders in your life in Jesus Mighty name.

The very God who multiplied loaves of bread and fish, will perform wonders in your finances.

When you thought you will never get a financial break through, God will surprise you with a novelty. He will link you up with strange people who will unlock your wealth.

When the conditions are right. God will perform a miracle in your life.

Miracles are inexplicable. God’s miracles are permanent. They add no sorrow.

They don’t just happen. Invite God to your situation through prayer.

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