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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Reflection

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Garry Kasparov was in the middle of the busy New York City bustle when somebody called him to tell him that the previous game of his match with Deep Blue was supposed to end in a draw according to computer analysis. He reportedly froze in the middle of the street and started reflecting before saying something like: “Yes! Yes! move number 35! Rxd5 was leading to a draw!”

Reflection! Reflection! Is very important in life. In what ever you do, have time to reflect your moves so far.

Be it business, school, professional, or marital life, it becomes impossible to grow without reflection.

Reflect if you are moving according to your vision, reflect if there is need for you to step up your game, reflect if there are any changes that need you to change the track.

Also, it is important to reflect on your attitude and behavior. See if you have conducted yourself well so far.

When a certain old man was asked if there is something he wished he would have done more in life, he answered “I wish I reflected more”.

When Bill Gates was asked if there is something he wished he would done more in school. He reflected and said “I wish I developed the art of reading fast”.

How many times have you retreated to a lonely place simply to reflect on your life? The greatest men are usually great reflectors.

Take a lonely time and objectively reflect on your life. Assess where you are doing fine and where you are doing wrong. Get out of the buzz of the crowd. When you come back, you will come with better ideas.

More importantly, reflect on your relationship with your maker.

Here are some reflection quotes worth reflecting from:

“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows bravery by reflection” Thomas Paine.by

“Time spent on self reflection is never wasted, it is an intimate date with yourself” Paul W.P Wong.

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