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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Time to Shelve Some Things

by khisho
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In one of his books: “Winning Chess Brilliancies”, Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan annotates a very instructive Sicilian Dragon game between two chess greats, Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi played in 1981.

Victor Korchnoi, taking the Black pieces, was the victim. Serewain writes: “After this tragic loss, Korchnoi never played the Sicilian dragon again” (at least by the time the book was being published in the 1990s).

Sure, there are some things you need to shelf completely. They are not meant for you. They need to be cut off so that you concentrate on things you are gifted at.

Look around, there are things in your life that are nothing but time wasters. Do not only be motivated by money. Do not do things to impress.

As you grow up, say after 26, it is advisable that you concentrate more on things that you are gifted at.

Every man is uniquely designed. Don’t pretend to be somebody else. Be yourself. Don’t be a copy.

If you are a genius in your field, you will definitely shine.

I heard of a story where a certain man asked God, “Why am I not as successful in what I’m doing?”. God answered him :”I did not call you to be doing the things you are doing now”.

People have pursued things they are not called to do. Some just ventured into businesses because they heard it gave somebody abnormal profits. Its fine, yes. But do not forget your area of gifting.

The number one thing is to know your area of gifting, the rest becomes simple.

Remember, your gifting will take you before Kings and Princes.

We do differ in talents. Like in chess, some are better at handling open positions, some prefer closed positions. Some are great at handling gambits, some not so much. Never pretend to be good at something you are not good at. You just waste your time.

What is it that you are still doing, which you know you are suppossed to shelve for more profitable things? Search yourself.

Uproot it.

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