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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Touch Not My Anointed

by khisho
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How bad news travel fast. News about the fall of Zambian Champion Andrew Kayonde, arguably the strongest Zambian chess player in a tide of times reached me fast, when he finished on a disappointing 17th position at the recently concluded Zambia Open Tournament. Well, it is interesting news – I hope it will make him tighten his belt ahead of the Zambia Olympiad trials.

But it reminds me of this one thing, when calamity befalls a real anointed Man of God, be the last to talk about it. If possible, do not at all. Why? It may be dangerous to do so, and besides, it’s usually a plot from the devil, so it’s like you are helping the devil.

The Bible says: “touch not My anointed ones”. David understood this principle very well to the extent that when he found King Saul, a man who was seeking to end his very life, sleeping in a cave, he did not kill him because Saul was the Lord’s anointed at the time. He only cut a piece from his robe to show what he could have done.

And when he was crying, saying: “How have the Mighty fallen…say it not in Gath that Saul has fallen”. If it were these days….” Post not on Facebook that Saul has fallen”

Also, when somebody brought news that Saul and Jonathan had died, and said he was the one who finished off Saul, because Saul had asked him to run into his sword, David was angry with him, he said “How dare you weren’t afraid to kill the anointed of the Lord”…so David pull out the sword and killed the guy.

Anointing is a concept or word derived from Jewish herdsmen practice of the ancient times. They used to smear their sheep with a certain kind of oily substance to deal with a certain dangerous insect. The insect was so dangerous that it could go all the way to a sheep’s brain through the ears, and kill it by gnawing into the brain. So when this oily substance was smeared on a sheep, the sheep was said to be “anointed” or protected.. and the insect was doomed by the anointing. So anointed simply means protected.

So, respect men of God. Don’t join people condemning them carelessly, especially when you have no real proof. Even with proof, thread with care, or do not even thread the part, as that may be your own test.

The bad thing is, these days you never know if a man is really anointed or not. Because if he really is, the consequences are usually disastrous.

I know of a certain story; somebody stole a smart phone from a very respectable anointed man of God in my country, based in Blantyre. The man’s life turned into misery. He became poor beyond poverty until he was delivered by the same Man of God.

I also know of several such stories about the great Nigerian Man of God, Benson Ida-Hosa

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