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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – True Inspiration “Share your Failures, too.”

by khisho
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Teaching youngsters the mental game of chess, I learnt one secret. Do not portray yourself as a flawless god. Share a bit about your failures, too… like how you lost a silly game in a tournament e.tc. Tell them, “I was also once a lazy fellow, but I repented ….”

When you try to inspire people, share your failures, too.
Say things like, during such such a time, I too was in hot soup but I worked hard and came back into the game.

Sharing only the posh side of your life only makes you look like a god. People will not relate well with you.

Thats why God designed it that men should get inspiration from men not men getting inspiration from angels.

You passed through what you passed through for a reason. God wants to use what you passed through to inspire others.

When they hear your story, they shall say, I can also do it. Never hide to people that you also onced goofed.

Tell the people about how you also blundered one time. This will make you have a connection with the people.

Parents, never lie to your kids that you were always number one. Tell them how you moved from a D to an A student.

Self painting only hides the real inspiration, because out there a lot of people are fearful and if you only tell them the posh side of your career, they will not get inspired but will feel frustrated, thinking they are lesser beings.

May God give you the grace to inspire those around you, not making them look small.

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