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Limitless Minds Pushes The Envelope With Unusual Chess Event

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“Latlhela bofofu ka kwano o bone ka moo ditswerere tsa Botswana di dirang phapang ka teng!”

Limitless Minds Chess Academy, its organizing partners Rock and Roll Chess Master Botswana and Chess Motifs will be hosting the 2018 Botswana International Junior Open Chess Championships from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December 2018 at Botho University in Gaborone, Botswana.

The event is hosted under the auspices of the Botswana Chess Federation and targets players aged 21 and below. It is hosted in age category format from the age category in under 7- under 21 boys and girls.
Botswana Chess Federation has been organizing the event for over 6 years and this year, Limitless Minds Chess Academy requested for permission to organize and run it and it was granted.

The event will for the first time in its history feature physically challenged chess players both locally and from other African countries under the chess for the visually impaired.

Chess is a game of the mind and physically challenged players are rarely, if ever, accommodated in chess tournaments. At grassroots level it is almost non-existent. The irony of this is that at master-level a chess grandmaster’s most powerful and impressive skill is playing opponents with no sight of the board. The more opponents he can play blindfold the higher the prestige and pedigree of the master.

World Classical Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen showcasing in a 5 board simultaneous play in Vienna. | Image cred Gerhard Peyrer

This could be due to the scarcity of resources for the visually impaired player. Braille chess books and materials, computer programs with specialized applications to read out chess moves aloud, peg-type chess boards and braille pieces are more scarce than chicken teeth, especially here in Africa.

The aptly named organizer and spokesperson for Limited Minds, Neoyame Keesine, whose name means “My Gift”, says of the event: “Our initiative is motivated by our commitment to the development of chess in Botswana and to the inclusion of the marginalized and disadvantaged groups.
It is in our growth strategy as Limitless Minds Chess Academy to spread our footprint and take the game of chess to all corners of the country as well as host international events of high standard to measure the level of impact on our programs, expose young talent, market our country Botswana and also contribute to social inclusion through the incorporation of kids living with disability and other marginalized groups.
Limitless Minds Chess Academy subscribes to the International Sport Concept of Sport for All.

As our name Limitless Minds Chess Academy suggests we are unlimited in our thinking and in our approach to doing things. We believe that everything is possible and in a unique but fulfilling way would like to become the chess academy of choice. We would like to be the leading academy in Botswana and the whole of Africa when it comes to creativity, innovation and inclusion.”
The organising committe for Limited minds consists of Vincent Masole, Davies Banda, Neoyame Katisenge, Erick Takawira and Charles Masaiti.

The plan it is to broaden the section in future to include other disabilities. Limitless is currently training kids with autism and will be included in the event in future when they graduate from their training.

Africa Chess Media will be covering the event and we will adopt their motto as their motto challenges all of us that may we all “DARE TO RISE”!

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