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Mushore Wins Zimbabwe 2018 Men’s Nationals Chess Championships

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Nationals produced some fireworks on the 11th of August as there were some surprises in the field of play. Roy Mwadzura won both his games after defeating Paddington Dzinzi and Emerald Mushore in rounds one and two respectively.

Paddington Dzinzi lost his round two game against the defending Champion Zhemba Zhemusse in a pulsating duel.

Emerald Mushore survived a scare against Blessing Murasiranwa of the University of Zimbabwe In the first round which could have gone the latter’s side and this was another fascinating game full of tricks which Emerald salvaged a draw by perpetual check in a position he was a rook down but managed to force a draw.

Vitalis Mapuranga drew against Mugove Muririma in round one while Zhemba Jemusse drew against ElishaThabo.

Van Madanhi defeated Tapiwa Chikwavaire in the first round while he lost his second game against Mugove Muririma who had drawn his first game against Vitalis Mapuranga in a pulsating Knight and pawns versus Bishop and pawns ending.

Round 3
Zhemba Jemusse battled it out with Roy Mwazura who was the leader on perfect after the first two games of the tournament. It was a very scintillating game which had people watching on the edges of their seats. Eventually Zhemba won after a protracted srtuggle.

Chikwavaire Tapiwa battled it out against Paddington Dzinzi and won the game with the white pieces, while Mugove Muririma played against Elisha Thabo and the latter lost on time in blitz ending which was a cracker.

Mugove had a knight and pawn while Elisha Thabo had a rook and a pawn which failed to penetrate the game which had become a fortress.

Blessing Murasiranwa played against his former captain Van Madanhi and lost in a game in which he had two rooks and a Knight versus a Queen and some knights while the sixth board featured Emerald Mushore and Vitalis Mapuranga who played a game that crippled Vitalis from the opening and he won the game.

Round 4

Van Madanhi lost his game to Emerald Mushore. Van had the white pieces. He failed to contain a passed pawn which eventually got promoted and resulting in his loss of a piece and the game.

Roy Mwadzura and Vitalis Mapuranga drew their game so was Elisha Thabo and Blessing Murasiranwa though there was a debate in the game as to whether there was a real draw offer or not after Elisha refused that he had offered a draw. The Arbiter had to intervene to give a fair judgement after the sound judgement.

Zhemba Jemusse and Tapiwa Chikwavaire drew their game. The game drained them so much that they played a pulsating endgame which had a knight and pawns versus Bishop and pawns. Tapiwa Chikwavaire defended very well and the game drew after a real fight.

Paddington Dzinzi did not win any game up to this round. He lost fighting against Mugove Muririma in an interesting game which he failed to contain the pieces that were harmoniously coordinated.

Round 5
Mushore drew his game against Elisha Thabo who had the black pieces, while Tapiwa Chikwavaire and Roy Mwadzura also settled for a draw in their game.

Vitalis Mapuranga won his game against Van Madanhi in round four. Mugove Muririma and Zhemba Zhemusse played a pulsating game which ended up as a draw. It was full of tactical manoeuvres.

Blessing Murasiranwa played very well against Paddington Dzinzi and won the game in the end.

Round 6
Mwadzura Roy lost to Van Madanhi while playing with black pieces in the first game of the day which started in the morning at 0800.Elisha Thabo won against Vitalis Mapuranga of Bindura University of Science and Technology. The game got into end game which Vitalis failed to stop Thabo’s passed pawns.

Paddington Dzinzi lost to Emerald Mushore. Zhemba defeated Blessing Murasiranwa in a game full of tactics and tricks. Tapiwa Chikwavaire drew against Mugove Muririma and this finished the results for the round.

Round 7

This round produced the highest number of draws. There were four draws and one win. Mugove Muririma drew against Roy Mwadzura, while Blessing drew against Tapiwa Chikwavaire. Vitalis drew against Paddington Dzinzi who had his first draw of the tournament. Van Madanhi missed a winning combination against Elisha Thabo in a won position the game eventually drew.

Round 8
Mwadzura Roy drew against Elisha Thabo. Roy had white pieces while Mwadzura had the black pieces.

Paddington Dzinzi lost to Van Madanhi to add to his woes of the tournament.Mugove Muririma lost Blessing Murasiranwa in a pulsating game that left Mugove in a tight corner after Blessing’s counter attack.

Emerald Mushore prevailed over Tapiwa Chikwavaire in an interesting game. Zhemba lost to Vitalis Mapuranga in an interesting double rook ending with pawns which he prevailed over the former National Champion.

This meant that Emerald Mushore was the National Champion with a round to spare for the second time after winning it back in 2011.

Round 9
This was the final round which determined the second and third placed players. Van Madanhi won his game against Zhemba Jemusse in the final round to clinch the second position ahead of Elisha Thabo who won his final game against Paddington Dzinzi who only managed a single draw in the whole tournament against Vitalis Mapuranga.

Emerald Mushore lost his final game against Mugove Muririma to win the tournament with 6 points out of nine games played. Vitalis Mapuranga finished with 5 points out of nine games so was Mugove Muririma, Then followed Zhemba Jemusse on the sixth position.Roy Mwadzura and Murasiranwa Blessing all had 4.5 points. Tapiwa Chikwavaire finished with four points and on ninth position followed by Paddington Dzinzi who had half a point.

This was a pulsating tournament though some players like Spencer Masango,Elisha Chimbamu, Castro Sibanda, Gibson Malije and International Master Rodwell Makoto failed to take part this year. It was a new team of youthful players who took part and showed their attacking and defending skills.

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