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The 2nd Danhypro Invitational Chess Tournament

by Ogunsiku Babatunde
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The pursuit of chess development and evolution in Nigeria, led the Danhypro team and sponsors to choose an area to focus on.

In furtherance of the decision, taken to focus on the upcoming generations (players under the age of 20), the team has successfully held four (4) major events in various parts of the country. The first Danhypro Invitational, which held at the Pedachess Academy was one of these events.

Owing to the success of that event, and the ones that have been held afterward, the Danhypro team and sponsors decided it was time for a second edition of the invitational event, and here we are.

Kicking off this morning is a nine (9) round Scheveningen Round Robin Invitational event, where nine (9) juniors will face off against nine (9) none junior/veteran chess players who have Fide ratings above 2000.

It Is important to have a mixture of top players and veterans in the pursuit of a successful developmental project for the young generation.

Dr. Odum Martins

The Danhypro team saw this, and decided to invite two (2) veterans who played at the top of the game. Once National champions, leaders in the Nigerian chess industry. Unfortunately, these veterans were unable to make the event.

The not so young players, who have given a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to hold down the rating they currently have; stepped up to the plate. Below is the list of those participating at the event:

The Non Junior Players

  1. Udeme Edet, 2180
  2. Ogunwobi Tolulope, 2141
  3. Martin Odum Dr., 2131
  4. Onovughe Ochuko, 2129
  5. Raphael-Mary Ogosi, 2116
  6. Akinseye Oladotun, 2086
  7. Bamidele Oluwalasinu, 2078
  8. Ifeanyi Okonkwo, 2044
  9. Taiwo Peter, 2043

It is interesting to note that Peter Taiwo is not only a major coach in Ogun state, but also the brains behind the success story of Okemakinde Toluwanimi. A lot of people have contributed to the young boy’s life, but the contributions that Peter Taiwo makes are invaluable to the boys success in the game of chess.

Ajayi Peter Taiwo

Peter Taiwo has always been a strong master in the Nigerian chess scene, and would be hoping to use this opportunity to grow his rating. As much as the juniors do not like losing, Taiwo hates losing more. He refines his play regularly, and tries not to lose to the same opening as much as he can help it.

Oluwalasinu Bamidele

Oluwalasinu Bamidele is a sound player who makes good use of his time during the game. He does not leave anything to chance, such that if he loses, it is not because he did not take his time to think about the possibilities that abound.

A forex guru with year’s of expertise, Bamidele understands the forex market more than anyone I have met (maybe I need to get out more 😊), however, chess remains his first love, and he loves to challenge himself as far as the game is concerned.

Ogosi Rafael-Mary

Ogosi Rafael-Mary is a medical doctor in the making. The young man is finalizing his education at the University of Benin. He was at the African Junior Chess Championship in 2019, which was his last opportunity at the event.

An amazing young guy, with a heart that beats for chess, Rafael is one of the guys that works super hard on his chess evolution and one that gives his best every single game.
Once Rafael takes you into his preparation, then time does not matter. He may still take his time to calculate, however, he already has an end in mind, which he would execute brilliantly.

Edet Udeme

Edet Udeme, a brilliant mind who has gone through the thickest of bushes to attain the level of chess understanding and knowledge he currently boasts of. He is one player who will definitely stretch all the juniors and test their structural chess understanding, as well as their street chess understanding.

Akinseye Oladotun

Udeme is one player that people don’t talk about a lot, but one that can stand toe to toe with the best of the Nigerian chess players today. Being the top rated at the invitational, he will be looking to finish atop the standings at the end of the final round, while keeping hold of his ratings (that would be interesting to see).

The Juniors

The expectation of the juniors (before the Asaba edition of the Danhypro U-20 Chess Tour) would have been that the top rated juniors and a couple of unrated wildcards would be invited for this event.

Okemakinde Toluwanimi

Unfortunately, for a player like Okemakinde Toluwanimi, who had a very bad tournament at Asaba, only to come to defeat top players at the Chessheights Lagos Monthly event, the Asaba tournament was the qualifier for the invitations.

List of the Junior Players:

  1. Okeke Isaac
  2. Emmanuel Idara
  3. Olisa Tennyson
  4. Salako Clinton
  5. Afolabi Emmanuel
  6. Chima Mount Zion
  7. Iheanacho Emmanuel
  8. Orjiekwe Raphael Chidera
  9. Ekunke Perez

The most unexpected players on the list were Afolabi Emmanuel, Chima Mount Zion, and Iheanacho Emmanuel, who overcame the trio of Denyefa Callistus, Matan Adebayo and Okemakinde Toluwanimi, to book their invitations for this event.

Afolabi Emmanuel, Iheanacho Emmanuel and Chima Mount Zion

As the matches kick off today, five (5) DGT electronic boards have been secured to ensure that fans are able to follow the top five (5) games live on the free platform lichess.org.

There will also be some innovation being put in place during the event too, so watch out for a very interesting event altogether.

Venue of the event is the spectacular Pedachess Academy at Ebute, Ikorodu, Lagos.

The time control will be sixty (60) minutes with an additional thirty (30) seconds after each move, from move 1.

The schedule of the event is as follows:


  1. All Players should be adequately well dressed for this prestigious tournament. (No slippers allowed as footwear except for our special players)
  2. No draw must be offered for the first thirty (30) moves.
  3. Players immediately after their game should please leave the playing area.
  4. Players should not make any form of post game analysis on the electronic board. The last position after resignation, checkmate, stalemate or by agreement should not be touched. There would be a severe penalty if this is breached which would be at the discretion of the tournament director.

It will be interesting to see who will draw the first blood today. Will it be the juniors or the non juniors!?

Do have your say in the comments section.

See you tommorrow.

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