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Elections: Who Will Become The Next ACC President?

by Ogunsiku Babatunde
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The last eight (8) years have seen an upsurge in chess matters, as compared to how the continent was handled before then. However, there are yet a lot of things unattended to, and these form the basis of a new leadership.

One thing is certain, a new leadership will emerge, with new ideas, forward thinking, and achievable activities, that will ensure Africa evolves in the next four (4) years and beyond.

African Delegates and Presidential Candidates at meal!

The leadership of President Arkady Dvorkovich and the mantra to bring chess out of the woods, was a huge success. Barring the issue with Russia and the connection with the war (by nationality), President Arkady has shown that it is possible to do great things without dragging the predecessor out.

Chess became a truly global sport. Covid and The Queen’s Gambit (series) ensured that the appeal for chess grew even more, and the evolution of the game grew even further.

FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich at the African delegates meeting!

Today, Africa elects a new president, as the incumbent, Mr. Lewis Ncube, has decided to step down from leading the continent. African delegates will be saddled with the responsibility of choosing a set of leaders that understands what is necessary and expedient for the continent.

A set of leaders that will not live for themselves, nor make decisions that will only favor them, but will consider the continent, chess players, arbiters, coaches, instructors, sponsors, organizers, and everyone related (or will be related) to chess in anyway.

African Delegates after joining the Francophone meeting!

The future of the Africa Chess Industry begins from today’s elections, and it will determine how the next four (4) years will unfold.

It is true that there are personal interests, however, as a leader, you must choose a leader based on their ability to lead, proffer solutions, get to work in helping to solve the many challenges facing the continent.

Atop the challenges facing the continent is FUNDING! With good funding coming into the African Chess Industry, the continent will be able to obtain the services of top-level coaches/trainers, who will pass across some level of knowledge to local players, trainers, coaches, arbiters, etc.

Furtherance to the above challenge, management of funds is as important as raising the funds. Providing consistent financial report to member federations via email should be high on the list of what those you (leaders) will cast your votes for.

Currently, there are three (3) presidential tickets, with six (6) individual members on each ticket, holding different positions. The leaders of the tickets and their deputies are outlined below:

Ticket 1

President – Ms. Tshepiso Lopang (Botswana)

Ticket 2

President – Dr. Hesham El Gendy (Egypt)

Ticket 3

President – Mr. Wanjala Bernard (Kenya)

Dear delegates, your minds may be made up before this article, your nation may have directed you as to who you should vote for, your board members too, however, you are urged to think about the future of Africa as a continent, as well as the team that would take the continent into that future that you (as a delegate) see.

Today – A New Dawn Breaks on Africa Chess Confederation!

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