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Private: Facility Control Keeps Control of The CPAN League After Round 5!

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The Season 3 of the CPAN League continued a few weekends ago with lots of spice, as Facility Control who are the defending champion continue to lead the whole pack after five (5) rounds of classical play and still remained undefeated. The Outliers are tied for 2nd, but ahead on game points over Deciphers by one and a half (1½) game points. Blue Ocean, Team Saxx and Evergreen teams are on six (6) points, while when considering tie breaks, Blue Ocean lead with eighteen and a half (18.5) points, while Team Saxx and Evergreen have seventeen (17) and sixteen and a half (16.5) points respectively. Team YCT and Hope for Girls Team are sailing at the rock bottom of the table.

CPAN League Season 3
Chevron Recreational Center, Gbagada, Lagos
Team Round Robin
90mins+30secs added
IA Amisun Hikmot


The first shocker of the day was Junior Terminator on board 1, comprising of teenagers who terminated Chess Sensation team, picking up four (4) wins out of a possible six (6).  Babalola Peter of Junior Terminator defeated Jimmy Davidson; Ozegbe Precious defeated Ademosu Oladipupo while Titus Maxwell defeated Adara Godswill. A cool walkover for Oyhakilome Daniel completed the four (4) points for the team. Patrick Gregg lost to highly rated Edet Udeme (ELO 2123), while Oyhakilome David lost to Mafoitan Oladipupo.

Team Saxx eventually SAXXED the Yabatech College Team, although the later took a scalp on board 4, thanks to Ezeani Truth who defeated the Captain, who also is the CPAN President Ayokanmi Ajayi, with the black pieces.

Facility Control Team ensured that they controlled Team Unilag with a two (2) point margin. Alex Ayomide held Soyoye Abel (ELO 2069) to a draw, while Ofubu Samson also held Soyoye Mandy Tega to a draw.

The Outlier typically outlined the Hope of the Girls five and a half (5.5) – half (0.5), with an interestingly winnable position that ended draw on board six (6), where Nwanze Esther held Olowe Iyanuoluwa. The Evergreen team got deciphered by the Decipher’s Team, even with the introduction of International Master Olape Olubunmi (ELO 2244) for the former as the latter introduced IM Adu Oladapo (ELO 2299), who is currently the 2nd highest rated player in the country, and the highest rated International Master of the country. IM Olape Olubunmi was held to a draw by FM Osunfuyi Abimbola. Akagha Tochukwu, IM Adu Oladapo and Ofowino Toritsemuwa defeated all their respective opponents, to help the Deciphers win with three and a half (3.5) points – two and a half (2.5) points over the Evergreen.

The Chesszits could not swim ashore the Blue Ocean and after trying so hard to stay afloat, eventually drowned in the Ocean. Koko Obubele lost to Akinwamide Oluwadamilare, Omishogbon Nkem defeated Tochukwu Ezinna while FM Ajibowo Olamide defeated Ugushidah Ikorogbudu for the Blue Ocean win of three and a half (3.5) points – two and a half (2.5) points


Round four (4) had the hungry Chesszits go on rampage against the Junior Terminators, and beating them four and a half (4.5) points – one and a half (1.5).  Ozegbe Precious defeated Tochukwu Ezinna and Babalola Peter secured a draw against Henshaw Effiong.

The Deciphers unlike Chesszits in the previous round successfully decoded the Blue Ocean and swam ashore only losing two (2) points in the process. Nigeria’s highest rated U14 player, Keyush Venket, lost to Akinwamide Oluwadamilare, even though he held his own till the end, Ambesh held FM Ajibowo Olamide to a draw, while Ajele Rotimi also held FM Osunfuyi Abimbola to a draw.

Hope for Girls lost totally to the Evergreen team, but not without pulling a full point. Pelomoh Jessica defeated Oluwaseun Assa with the black pieces to claim the only game point for her team, which was celebrated the same way Panama celebrated their only goal against England at the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Team Unilag got outlined by the Outliers by a narrow margin. The introduction of Oloruntola Gbenga surged the team upwards. Upset of the round was the game between Ewofobe Frank of Outliers who lost to Alex Ayomide of Team UNILAG, while Salami Timmy was held to a draw by Olowe Iyanuoluwa.

Facility Control ended up controlling Team Saxx, but not without Oluwalasinu Bamidele (ELO 2141) claiming the scalp of IM Balogun Oluwafemi (ELO 2278) of Facility Control and Lapite Oluwadurotimi defeating Okemakinde Toluwani to secure two (2) game points out of the possible six (6) points for the team.

The chess recipe served by Chess Sensation to Team YCT was too sweet, to be contained hence their loss on five (5) boards. With Adetilewa Adeola being the only one to pull a draw for the whole team.


The Junior Terminators defeated Yaba Tech Team in this round, which was a wonderful feat by these set of young players.

Facility Control totally annihilated Chess Sensation team with a six (6) – zero (0) flawless victory! The only team that suffered this much was Chesszit team, but then, this was as a result of a walkover against their opponent, the Outliers, during the first round of the league.

Evergreen Team defeated Team Unilag four (4) – two (2), and the Hope for Girls team were completely mangled by the Blue Ocean ensuring none of made it ashore with a six (6) –  zero (0) scoreline.

Chesszits without their strongest player FM Kigigha Bomo, who is the highest rated player in the country lost to the Deciphers team. The inclusion of FM Osunfuyi Abimbola and IM Oladapo Adu into the team, has seen the team soar to 2nd position after five (5) rounds with only one (1) loss, which was to Facility Control to tie with the Outliers on the same match point.

Team Saxx got served by the Outliers four and a half (4.5) points – one and a half (1.5) points. This might be as a result of the loss of one of their top players Lapite Oluwadurotimi, who was defeated by the resurgent Oyelabi Jonathan. Unrated (but strong) Olortunola Gbenga held Oluwalasinu Bamidele (2141) to a draw on board one (1), while Job Oluwatobiloba secured the only win for Team Saxx by defeating Iyanuoluwa Olowe.

Facility Control can not afford to be comfortable at the moment, because just one loss might blow the league open, and give the Outliers team and Deciphers’ team a way back todream of snatching the top spot, as they are currently following with serious determination. Question is, would Facility Control win the CPAN League again (doing a Madrid at the UCL)? Let’s wait and see what the remaining six (6) rounds unfolds.

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