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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Concentration

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IM Andrew Kayonde is known for his high levels of concentration when he is on the chess board. His bent head is usually transfixed to the chess board through out the game.

His whole behavior is bent at achieving one goal, which is “winning the game”.

One thing about concentration is that, it does not start on the chess board during the tournament, it starts from the preparations, the sacrifices, the attention to details. Actually, it is impossible to concentrate if you do not have goals. To concentrate well, your goals must be broken down into smaller objectives, and start executing them one by one, until you attain the ultimate goal.

You need to eliminate other activities, issues, thoughts, in order to concentrate.

If you want to achieve something in life, you have to be brave enough to eliminate activities or friendships that are not in tandem with what you want to achieve. Much as they are enjoyable, some friendships and activities will only deter you from achieving your dream goals.

Concentration also means sacrifice of ones time, sleep etc.

The Bible says, occasionally, Jesus Christ would withdraw from the crowd in order to concentrate on his prayer. He knew the sorts of distractions hanging all around him.

So, when you see IM Andrew Kayonde and other top players concentrate as they are playing their games in a tournament, their concentration started way back in the preparations, and what they are doing on the chess board is a manifestation of a concentration culture they have cultivated.

Garry Kasparov said: “Chess is my profession, and a minute away from your profession is a ruin to your profession”. This tells us how dedicated he was to the mental sport.

Sometimes it is even better to go on a quiet time with yourself at a solitary place, and solve your life puzzles one by one, than to stick around for all to keep seeing you around every time. It adds respect and integrity whenever you get back to that location with bigger and better ideas and innovations.

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