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Poetic Monday

by Ogunsiku Babatunde
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Bloodied Battlefield| Image Courtesy of Onakoya Tunde

Bloodied was the battlefield

Troubling the master’s mind

Slain on the 64

Pawns and officers alike

Black king in safety

White king touched by blood

Queens are overlooking

Black is centered on

Bishops slain in battle

Standing remains one

Valiant are the Knights

As battle rages on

Rooks are charged with safety

Though one was touched by blood

Bloodied was the battlefield

Who will come help?

– Ogunsiku Babatunde

Checkmate in Blood

We no longer know the difference

Between the victor and vanquished

The squares are drenched

In the blood of victory

Which is yet to come

Not having made a move

We are already broken

Not having entered the battlefield

We are already wounded and slain

Not having Shed as much blood

We got as much waste

Our patzer soul is the checkmate.

– Osunfuyi Abimbola

When The Elephants Fight

Like hens to the slaughter
We were led

Like cripples and broken things
We were abused

It was meant to be
A game of kings

It was meant to be
Peace and not war

Now it is war
Should be war of kings

But still we perish
For what can we say?

When the elephants fight
The grasses that suffer!

– Jimmy B. Davidson

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