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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – Beyond Jealousy

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I normally tell my chess students whether you also needed the trophy badly or not, never forget to congratulate the Champion. Jealousy doesn’t pay.

Jealousy can be there, you might feel a pang of it here and there but how you treat it is what matters. If you think your friend has done something enviable, it should remind to pray for them. Tell God, “Bless him the more, you are a great God”. Pray for their protection. Do not fight somebody out of envy.

If your friend drives the latest car, pray for their well being. Remember them in your prayers. Whenever you think about them or whenever they wave at you, in your heart say “God continue blessing them”. You will see what God will do.

The Bible says that he who waters others, will himself be watered. God will surely bless you when you celebrate with the blessed or if you pray for them.

Envy and jealousy are dream killers. They take mankind nowhere. Cain and Abel, Joseph and his brothers are all good examples.

Take your friend’s success as your own. Cheer up the successful in sincerity. Never say, it should have been me. God is infallible. Never overestimate your might. Train your spirit to feel bad if you haven’t congratulated somebody’s success.

When King Saul chose to be jealous of David, the results were disastrous, he eventually lost his Kingdom. He gave the devil foothold.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Always put yourself in the shoes of the one that is blessed of the Lord. Imagine, you were them, and people are attacking you coz of envy. Do unto others what you would want them to do to you.

Remember, in the bigger picture, a win by your friend, is also your win. Sometimes its not direct.

If you feel challanged by the blessings of an individual, chat with them, you will be surprised how much they have been through to attract such a blessing. Looks can be deceiving.

You remember when the sons of Zebede asked Jesus if they could be on the right and left hand of Jesus in the Kingdom of heaven, Jesus asked them. “Can you drink my cup?” In otherwords, “Can you go through my suffering?” Sometimes, it takes a lot to attract certain levels of blessing.

Some have even sacrificed their sleep to attract the blessing you are envious about.

Some had rough heydays, but they persevered whilst you were in the comfort zone.

The bad part is if you are against some people, its like you are against God himself.

Remember, competition ends when the results of the contest are out. After the results, join the winners.

If somebody does something great train yourself to congratulate them.

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