Today it will be Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! in Lusaka as there still is no clear winner after the penultimate round.

At the end of the penultimate round, IM Richmond Phiri, “The Terminator” co-leads the Zambia Open with fellow Zambian Prince Daniel Mulenga, “The Tanker”, with what some are calling “an unsafe” 6.5 points, just half a point ahead of a bunch of an equally hungry pride of lions, the likes of GM Grover, IM Kayonde, IM Stanley Chumfwa, GM Petr etc. (check:

Despite being largely a day of draws, there were some interesting games yesterday.

Assignment for the GM

The talk of the day, however, was Prince Daniel Mulenga’s game against GM Sahaj Grover. Mulenga, with the White pieces, gave the Grandmaster an unwelcome surprise when he planted his Knights deep into the Grandmaster’s position in the opening phase of the game and the passed pawn that was created after the transactions in the position proved a deadly thorn in the Grandmasters territory. But then, Grover being a Grandmaster, managed to hold the imbalanced position that followed to save the draw.

Russians Battle it out on Zambian soil!

Picking other games at random, which were played yesterday, Richmond Phiri beat FM Douglas Munenga, IM Stanley Chumfwa also drew IM Richmond Phiri, The Russian Derby between GM Petr Kiriakov and Alexander Raetsky ended in a draw.

IM Andrew Kayonde fighting back from behind

In the games of doom today, IM Richmond Phiri (6.5 pts) vs Prince Mulenga (6.5 pts),
GM Petr Kiriakov (6pts) vs IM Andrew Kayonde (6pts), IM Bwalya (6pts) vs GM Grover (6pts).

Ugandans battling on board 12

In the ladies Section , with a round to spare, Lorita Mwango leads with maximum 8 points from 8 games.

With a round to go, in Open Section, Joe Phiri and Davies Mutanda lead the pack with 7 points from 7 games.

Angel Zulu leads the Under 16 Section with 6 points, he is closely followed by the sensational Kennedy Shane.

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