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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Strive For Quality

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In 1999, former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, defeated the World in a match that was dubbed Garry versus the rest of the world. People wondered how one man could beat the rest of the world in a game as complex and strategic as chess.

The answer is simple and straightforward – “quality”. It does not matter how many they are that be against you, work on quality and you will win. Over centuries, quality has shown to always be better than quantity.

In whatever you do, pay attention to quality. Even in the things of God, look for quality in the word, not those infested with impurities. As you build the work of God, build quality ideas, inspiration or preaching, don’t lie to your flock, the truth must be paramount.

Even God trimmed the army of Gideon to only 300 quality soldiers.

Strive to achieve quality in whatever you do. If you do quality work, you do not even need to advertise, your work will speak for you. So prepare thoroughly for every assignment, you never know who is watching.

Learn your trade well. Spend or hire whatever you can to achieve quality, you would not regret it, I promise you. Sometimes quality will call you to enroll for a course in your field of expertise. Sometimes it will need you to sacrifice your sleep. Remember, people will always go for quality, even if it is more expensive.

When a quality conscious painter paints a picture of a boy holding a bunch of grapes so vivid that it caused birds to start pecking on the painted grapes, people congratulated the painter for the great painting done, but the painter said ” If I was a great painter , the boy would have scared off the birds”.Always looking for quality above quality.

In Christianity, work on your relationship with the Holy Spirit to achieve quality. Sharpen your axe, so that you don’t spend much time cutting the tree. Have a quality axe by having a quality relationship with the Holy Spirit, and things will be easier. Read the word, pray and fast.

Let your 2moro be better than your today by working on quality. Better have a few quality things that will bring more business than a bunch of substandard stuff.

Do things that will be remembered forever. The bible says when you work, work as if you are working for God.

The bible says God gave Daniel a spirit of excellence, may you have this spirit from today in Jesus name.

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