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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Through Tough Times

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In one of his books, famous American Chess teacher, Yasser Seirawan says something like: “Before you become a great chess player, you have to endure many years of losses” (paraphrased)

True, this is called “the hardening period”, but unfortunately, many people do not understand that hardening is part of the growth process. You must keep learning amidst tears from painful losses. Some of them can be very shameful. And you are just like: “I almost won that game, but I lost”, or “how did I manage to lose that game”, or telling your opponent “You know that you were supposed to lose that game”, up to the point that you get tired of even saying it.

God wants you to get matured in all facets of life. This is why you find out that in life, you meet people that will irritate you, just because God wants you to get emotionally matured. Praise God when you pass through such seasons, because you will come out greater and better, fit for the assignment God has been preparing you for. When they irritate you, praise God, thank him for choosing you as a candidate of the tests. Ask him to give you the right temperament. Ask him to teach you His ways.

When your business, academics, career or anything you do fails, make sure you learn everything that you need to learn from your failures. Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself, you only delay yourself. A positive reaction to the hard times will bring the best out of you. Look up to God for solutions. He wants to prosper you, so that you can exude His glory by serving others with what he has blessed you with.

The Bible says, weeping may only be for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Thomas Edison, the guy that invented the light bulb failed nine hundred and ninety nine (999) times, before he was finally able to light a bulb.

Abert Einstein, the greatest scientist of all times, was once labelled mentally retarded by his teachers. But turned out to be the teacher of teachers.

Harry Potter, one of the world’s best selling books, was rejected thirteen (13) times before a publisher accepted to publish it. Their sad stories turned to joy. The examples are numerous to count.

Whatever it is that you are passing through right now, you will move from failure to success in Jesus Mighty name. Just believe and keep moving forward on a daily basis.

As the word of God says “The mill man does not continue pounding after the cereal has been fully pounded to fine particles” (paraphrased). When you have graduated from your tests, success will come like pop corn. Your problem has an expiry date. The faster you learn, the quicker and better you graduate. Involve God in your tests. Have a teachable heart as you pass through your tests.

Those that looked down on you will soon look up to you.


Featured Image Courtesy: https://alchetron.com/Yasser-Seirawan

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