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Undefeatable Kasumu Eyitayo wins LASUAD Blitz Chess Tournament

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In a community predominantly clouded by dense Academic activities and less of indoor sporting events, the Lagos State University has been devoid of tournament exposure to the wonderful game of chess even though having a huge population of Chess Players and enthusiast.

This year, the Lagos State University Association of Dental Students (LASUADS), led by the President, Mr. Odu Abiodun as well as the Chairman and Secretary of the LASUCOM Chess Blitz Committee, Mr. Sulaimon Abdulrahseed and Mr. Agbomeji Taiwo came together to bring to reality the first chess competition the Student populace has ever had.

With the support of the Dean, Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Ademola Olaitan who had played the game on at the National Level in Kaduna and other interested lecturers, the program was made a reality.

Mr. Agbomeji Taiwo, N.A. Oyeleye Olawale, Mr. Sulaimon Abdulrasheed, Mr. Abiodun Odu

The sole purpose of the event was to encourage the play of the game of chess and to create an avenue whereby medics in training could unwind from the rigors of Medical school.

Organizer: Lagos State University Association of Dental Students (LASUADS).
Tournament Type: Swiss Open
Time Control: 5mins +5secs added.
Chief Arbiter: Oyeleye Olawale
Venue: Lagos State University College of Medicine
Time: 10am – 2pm

It’s very amazing how the committee organized a spectacular tournament without them ever having featured in any standard chess tournament within Nigeria.

Mr. Agbomeji Taiwo had a tournament experience when he was in secondary school hence transferred some of the knowledge experience in the organization. Enough bottled water was provided for all players from round 1; not to mention refreshment even for spectators.

The game held on Saturday 28th of July, 2018. Entry and participation was entirely free for all students and the competition started by 11:00am prompt with a total of sixteen (16) players in attendance. Five (5) rounds were played and after a long and memorable series of games, Mr. Kasumu Eyitayo emerged as the winner of the 2018 LASUADS Chess Blitz.

Round 1
Adedugba Adeoluwa lost to Kasumu Eyitayo with the white pieces; Akinyemi Akinbowale defeated Olaitan Ayomide while Bodunrin Tomiwa defeated Owolabi Kolawole. Oyebanjo Yinka outplayed Fasan Israel with the black pieces.

Kasumu Eyitayo

Round 2
Kasumu Eyitayo defeated Akinro Feranmi in this round, while Akinyemi Akinbowale fell for the scholars mate against Omirinde Adewale. Amuwo Shehu lost with the white pieces to Shaanu Toluwanimi, Bodunrin Tomiwa defeated Shobowale Ayobami with the white pieces. Fasan Israel went on rampage against Olaitan Ayomide to bag his first point.

Fasan Israel

Round 3
Omirinde Adewale lost to Bodunrin Tomiwa while Shaanu Toluwanimi also lost to Kasumu Eyitayo. Bodurin Tomiwa and Kasumu Eyitayo lead the pack with three (3)points each.

Adedugba Adeoluwa defeated Fashola Muiz Olamilekan while Fasan Isreal cleaned out Badewa Olawale to have two (2) points of the possible three (3).

Badewa Olawale

Round 4
A tough match between Bodunrin Tomiwa and Kasumu Eyitayo. A tensed match it was where Bodunrin found himself in a time scramble and eventually lost on time.

Adedugba Adeoluwa rebounded is loss by defeating Fasan Israel. Oyebanji Yinka defeated Akinro Feranmi while Omirinde Adewale defeated Amuwo Shehu Adeniyi with the black pieces.

The toughest match of the tournament.

Round 5
Kasumu Eyitayo was the sole leader of the tournament hence needed to maintain the lead by either drawing this round or winning to take the clear first prize. His game against Omirinde Adewale became a one sided affair. Securing the point gave Kasumu Eyitayo a clear win.

The game between Adedugba Adeoluwa and Bodunrin Tomiwa was a fight for who would secure the second place which Bodunrin did but not without a fierce fight from his opponent.

L-R: Sulaimon Abdulrahsheed, Oyebanjo Yinka (3rd), Eyitayo Kasumu (1st), Bodunrin Tomiwa (2nd), Abiodun Odu

Kasumu Eyitayo and Mr. Sulaimon Abdulrahseed (Chairman LASUCOM)

Bodunrin Tomiwa (2nd), Agbomeji Taiwo (Secretary)

Oyebanjo Yinka (3rd), Mr. Abiodun Odu (President)

NA Oyeleye Olawale and Mr. Abiodun Odu

Oyebanjo Yinka defeated Shaanu Toluwanimi to be joint 2nd with Bodunrin Tomiwa.
Adedugba Adeoluwa tied for 4th place with Shaanu Toluwanimi, Omirinde Adewale, Akinro Feranmi and Fasan Israel with 3points each but were all displaced by the first two on tie break.

The fourth prize ought to go to Dr. Adedugba Adeoluwa who in turn presented it to Mr. Shaanu Toluwanimi because of the mere fact that Dr. Adedugba is no longer a student.

The spectators who had no clue what chess is or only have a limited idea where given a brief introduction to the chessboard and how to arrange the chess pieces. After the lecture, there was a game tagged Fastest fingers which is a game that requires the arrangement of the chess pieces accurately on the chessboard.

Five(5) players competed in this tournament and Mr. Afolabi Olayinka emerged faster than all others and got a prize.

Some spectators and Fastest Fingers competitors

L-R: Afolabi Olayinka and The Chairman of LASUCOM

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