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Khisho Sunday Chess Inspiration: Moves of Destiny

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From the movie Queen of Katwe, I was inspired by the story of Ugandan chess player Phiona Mutesi. Especially how she shot from the slums of Katwe in Kampala, to discover chess, which in turn, made her one of the most famous personalities from Uganda. Can you imagine, she is now studying in America. From Zero to Hero.

In her story, you would see the handwriting of destiny. Humble as she might have looked at the beginning, she was destined for great things.

Never despise anyone, because you never know what they are destined for. Never despise yourself, because where you are is not necessarily where you are destined to be. Remember to ask God for your inheritance.

It’s my prayer that in your life, you meet people that are connected to your destiny. May God take you to that person that will unlock your destiny and take you to where you are meant to be. To Phiona, it was her chess coach Robert Katende.

Some discover their destinies in ridiculous ways. Like King Saul, he went looking for a missing sheep, when he met his destiny. God used Prophet Samuel to unlock his destiny.

Like the great Muhammad Ali, he went looking for a missing bike, when he discovered his destiny. According to his tale, he told the police officer that he will fight the thief that had stolen his bike. The police officer said, “Then you better first learn how to fight…we teach people boxing every evening……” Just imagine, that is how the journey of a lifetime started for him.

For the great Nigerian footballer, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha, he was given one chance to practice with a German team, after one of the players got injured. In fact, he had gone there to watch his friend train. This was the key to his destiny. He dazzled the managers with his skills and they knew they had gold.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke met his man of destiny, Evangelist George Jeffrey after he missed a train. He got the mantle from this man of God and he has traveled almost the whole of Africa, preaching the gospel of truth.

So, you see, some misfortunes are actually God’s moves of destiny. Always look for God’s signature in every situation.

May you fulfill your destiny. May you not miss your destiny. May you fulfill everything that you are meant to fulfill in Jesus name.

God will put make come into your life, those special people to usher you to your destiny.

Go forth and achieve what you have been created to achieve, and print your name in the sands of greatness.

No man controls your destiny.

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