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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Be Humble

by khisho
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When Alexander Alekhine beat Jose Raul Capablanca in the 1927 World Chess Championship Match, a certain journalist asked Capablanca if he considers himself better than Alekhine even though he has lost to Alekhine. Capablanca answered , “The best player won”

That was a great humble answer from Jose Raul Capablanca. If you have the opportunity to humble yourself, do not hesitate to do just that. Do not be proud for nothing. The Bible says, if you are to boast, you must boast that you know the Lord (paraphrased).

Humility attracts grace, which no man can truly understand to its fullest. The bible says, God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. So you see, if you are a proud person, it will be God Himself resisting you.

Next time you execute a beautiful checkmate, say “Glory be to God”.

A humble person saves himself from humiliation. A certain Wesley, who rose from poverty to prominence by translating the Bible into over 60 different languages, was on a table, at a Banquet, eating with some rich men, and one of the Lords at the table wanted to embarrass him, so he said, “Mr Wesley, you were once a shoe maker, right?” Wesley humbled himself and answered “No, not so, I was just a shoe repairer, I could not even make them”. The rich Lord that wanted to humble him was embarrassed because of this humble response.

The culture of the kingdom of God is like: better people see you lowly, but in the end realize you are somebody. Just like Jesus, though King of Kings, he humbled himself on earth. The Bible says, when you attend an event, first take the lowly seat , you never know if there is somebody more important who has also been invited. Let them promote you to the high place, rather than bring you down to a lowly place.

A proud person cannot learn from others, he always thinks he is the best. People eventually hate such type of people.

If there was a reason the devil was cast out of heaven, it was pride. In the book of Ezekiel, Lucifer says, “Behold, I shall be like the most High”. Pride makes you feel you are more than you really are. It intoxicates the mind and leads to great calamity.

Pride is so subtle, it creeps in slowly without you realizing it. Pray against the spirit of pride. Ask God to kill any element of negative pride in you.

King Nebuchadnezzar, too, was taught a good lesson for pride sake. He stood on the roof of his palace and patted himself on the back for building a great Kingdom, and God gave him the mind of an animal for seven (7) good years, so that he would realize that there is a God in heaven. In the seventh (7th) year, he learnt the lesson and his sanity was restored, and he became greater than before.

The Bible says, God humbles Himself from the throne of heaven, to look at the affairs of men. Be willing to associate with those of low position. Sometimes God will not bless you because of your attitude towards others.

A certain sage said, you can measure the greatness of a man by the extent to which they humble themselves.

Great people humble themselves.

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