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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – Patience

by khisho
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I am not trying to campaign against blitz chess, but young men and ladies of this “DOT COM” world era seem not to understand that patience and hardwork are key in the ladder of success – they want things to happen in a blitz fashion.

They see the great chess sponsors, Mdina Mdina and Mukubulo Chilufya and think they can have great business empires like theirs, this very day. Some even resort to stealing. They see Kayonde or Harold Wanyama winning mercilessly and think they can win like them this very day. They see Chanda Nsakanya, Lewis Ncube, Kezzie Msukwa, Charles Eichab, Keenese Katisenge, Lekan Adeyemi, Steve Ouma e.t.c organize great events and they think they can be like them today and now. Then they get frustrated when good results don’t come as quickly as they wanted.

They see the great writings of Kim Bhari, Zeolot, Babatunde, Cosmos Chipepo, Victor Chimbamu, Bruce Mubayiwa etc. and think they got their skill overnight.

Ask them how hard and patient they have been to reach that level. Young as they are, some had to endure devastating failures and injustices. Each time they fall , they picked themselves up telling themselves they can manage. They had to cut out all distractions just to be where they are.

You can start small. Do not despise the days of humble beginnings. Be patient as you attain excellence in your area of skill in Jesus name! There are no short-cuts to experience. Don’t be like the man who prayed this prayer “God give me patience, and I want it now!!”

Patience with ourselves is very important for concrete results. If necessary go to school to learn the rules of your trade. Sacrifice time to practice and to study. It doesn’t just happen. Learn from the masters of your trade.

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