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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration: Guard Your Vision

by khisho
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At the Baku 2016 Olympiad, I could’nt believe my eyes as I watched the strong Zambian team being trounced by the International Chess Confederation for the Blind.

As the board one for the Blind team checkmated Zambian chess ace IM Andrew Kayonde, I thought it was a joke. “But he has both eyes in good shape”, I almost uttered this!

After some thought, I had to concede that inability is not disability. The men in the blind team may have lost their sight, but they didn’t lose their vision. They kept their focus on their vision regardless of the infirmity.

Infirmities are in many forms. Some are materially handcapped, some physically bodily handicapped. But never lose your vision. Whatever asset the devil has taken from you, never lose your vision. The enemy can steal anything from you, but never allow him to steal your vision.

When Thomas Edison’s factory went up in flames he said “I will build it up again”. His vision still stood regardless of the misfortune.

Your vision is your driving force. It’s the ladder and magnentic force. The Bible says where there is no vision people perish.

The best vision is the one from God. Know God’s vision upon your life and swim with it.

In the Bible God tells Jeremiah, before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you… I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. His vision upon Jeremiah’s life was that he should be a Prophet to the nations, Jeremiah just needed to comply to God’s vision.

Someone once said that we are limited not only by our abilities, but by our vision as well. Be guided by a vision in everything that you do.

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