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Khisho Sunday Chess Inspiration: Show Me Your Talent

by khisho

I was amazed to see the amazing cartoon by Kenyan cartoonist, Francis Kinyanjuyi, after Ugandan FM Harold Wanyama’s triumph at the 2018 Kenyan Open Chess Championship, sponsored by KCB. Francis drew a nice cartoon of Harold Wanyama beating Kenyan chess players with a baton, and the Kenyans cowering under the rule of his brilliance. Francis is definitely a talented cartoonist.

Francis’s amazing talent reminds me of a lot of people today, who unlike him, they finish the courses of their lives without realising their talents.

Much as it is good to pursue professional and academic fantasies or dreams (as it is to some), it is also good to remember to pursue your talents. But how do you know you are talented at a thing? When you produce extraordinary results with ease, when you do not struggle to do it, when you are passionate about it, or when you can even do it as soon as you wake up from bed and you do not think it too stressful to do.

Never check out of this planet without realising your talent. Ask God to show you your talent. Your talent is your gift, which will take you before Kings and high ranking people or organisations. Remember, it was a simple harp that took David before King Saul.

Talents are very diverse, some of you like chess players Ginnothen Shandele of Zambia and Leornard M’bwana of Malawi are talented comedians, use your talent. Some of you like Thabov Elisha of Zimbabwe are talented actors, use your gifts.

Keep practicing whatever talent you have, in other to perfect it. The Bible says: “David played the harp well”, this shows that he must have been practicing a lot.

It does not matter at what age you discover your talent, just keep pursuing it (either directly by focusing on it, or indirectly by running your career and working your talent to perfection (when you can then focus fully on it)). For instance, film actor Sylvester Stallone was just over the age of thirty five (35), when he discovered his acting talent. Don Moen of the amazing song “He will make a way”, also discovered his talent late in life, but kept on pursuing it. Great writer and author, William Shakespeare, also discovered his talent late in life.

On the other hand, if you are a parent, help your child(ren) find their talents early in life. And after discovering it, help them develop it by getting them the best coaching that will nurture their talent and bring it to life early enough for them to blossom and compete on the international stage. Some could be even multi-talented.

Some talents like music, chess, mathematics, can show up really fast because they do not require a great deal of age experience to find it out. This is why we have a lot of child prodigies in those areas.

Most importantly, use your talent to honour God, because He is the one who gives the wisdom and opportunity to make the best use of the talent.

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Jayjoster May 27, 2018 - 1:51 pm

Well articulated, educative and inspiring

trymore mwazanga May 27, 2018 - 2:25 pm

You have a great talent in inspiring people. U can be a great pastor.

Abel May 27, 2018 - 4:12 pm

Interesting read!!


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