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Khisho Sunday Inspiration – You earn it

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Congratulations to Malawi’s first female Chess President in Susan Namangale, a very hard working lady with high standards.

A lot of people do not know that Susan’s journey to Chesssam presidency started way back. Her presidency is not even as a result of a short term well calculated strategy that most people are good at.

Her romance and dedication to chess dates way back to the 1990s when she was at Providence Secondary School, then later when she was in college.

According to her, she was among the few ladies that you would see in chess tournaments. Obviously, odds were against her, but she continued.

She later got herself involved in chess organisation. She was once Southern Region Chess League Chair, and also Executive Member of Chessam.

Even after she took a break from chess administration, she was still helping chess from the sidelines. Helping out in promoting kids, girls and veterans chess.

Her crowning of chess president is not just a fluke. She has been constantly working towards the goal almost her whole life.

Young people out there, borrow a leaf from this lady. Just keep doing what you have passion for, you never know what it will earn you. The greatest achievements are actually earned. You don’t have to be in some executive committee to do it. Keep on helping where you can. Your motivation should not be positions. Be an arbiter, be an organiser, be a journalist, gather picures, be a sponsor etc.

Even ouside of chess, help out in your community, take a teaching job at an orphanage, reach out for the disadvantaged, attend and contribute in meetings, give financial support. You never know what it will earn you.

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