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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – The Blessing of a Critic

by khisho
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Of late we have seen several African countries ushering in new Chess Adminstrators. At the helm of the Federations: Namibia has a 26 year old Israel Shilongo, Malawi has Madam Susan Namangale, Zambia has business guru Mukubulo Chilufya, Ghana has Philip Ameku etc. All these are definitely great people. But it’s my prayer they must be given the blessing of constructive criticism.

A lot of people tend to hate critics, but constructive criticism helps bring out quality in our work.

There must be somebody constantly checking your work, bringing in contrary views. Don’t hate such an individual, he is a blessing that, if taken positively, will add value to your work.

Some historian wrote:”Rome remained great as long as it still had its enemies constantly threatening to attack it. But after it had conquered all its enemies, the Kingdom thrived for a little while, and gradually died away.”

Somebody must quiz you on your decisions. Somebody must quiz you on how you are handling the Federation finances. It helps put up a high quality leadership which pays attention to transparency and good governance.

Don’t put a blind eye to what your critics are pointing out. Though you may not like them, critics are helping you come up with high quality work. Take the criticism as a stepping stone.

In what ever you do, entertain criticism. If you are a writer or a painter, give your work to somebody to criticize it. If you are a footballer, have somebody critique your playing style… Have that friend who you will ask to tell you where you are going wrong in whatever you are doing.

Even in Christianity, we come with high quality, fervent prayers because the opposer is in our midst.

The Bible also says, woe to you if everybody speaks well of you, for that’s how they treated the old prophets that got destroyed.

The Bible says to be a great christian you must also have the blessing of persecution.

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Adebayo Adegboyega September 9, 2018 - 7:45 am

Once again kisho outdid himself. However the phrase should be “at the helm of affairs not on the helm….”.


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